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  • The Amazing Bristol Renaissance Faire

  • I was wondering for a long time to write a proper line which would define the amazing event I just witnessed last Saturday. I am talking about the "Bristol Renaissance Faire" - an event  full of colors and energy to revive the golden history of Renaissance.  Along with the history it also encourages[...]
Faces - the story book
  • Faces - the story book

  • Every face has a short story in it. The story is comprised of their joy, sorrow and thousands of other feelings which are part of their state of mind. And everyone express their  story in a different way, with their eyes or with their smiles. And when they do, its amazing how the story unfolds. Here[...]
Art of Nature
  • Art of Nature

  • It amazes me how beautiful and vast our nature can be. You don't have to go to some deep forest or to some mountain to find it. Look around for the green, go close and they will surprise you with their beauty. From a simple grass flower to a road side wild flower, each of them are unique in their c[...]

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